Each week we will automatically pick a delicious selection of meals for you.

If you have any allergies or dislikes please let us know so we can be extra vigilant and cater towards your needs. 

Take a look at our menus. If you see anything in particular you would like let us know by Sunday and we will make sure these meals are in your box. 

Order your meals in this box
Halloumi Fajitas
Mackerel with crushed new potatoes and spring greens
Chicken and chorizo paella
Chicen Ceasar salad
Beef burger and wedges
Sausage rigatoni
Chicken and Vatable stir fry
Crispy beef with chilli soy glaze and fried rice
Chicken thighs with bean cassoulet
Pea Rigatoni
Pan fried salmon with greek style vegetables
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